Street Art Walk // Dulwich Outdoor Gallery

The Dulwich Outdoor Gallery is a collection of murals dotted around Dulwich, East Dulwich and Peckham in south London by a variety of talented street artists. What links them is they have taken inspiration from paintings in the (indoor) Dulwich Picture Gallery.

Since 2012, these artists have been adding colour to these areas that are gradually becoming inhabited by artists and other creatives. Contributors include Stik, Remi Rough, and Thierry Noir.

We went to check out the art for ourselves. Not all of it is still there, and we didn’t manage to get to all of it, because there is a huge array of different works over a large area, but here is what we came across on our wander:

The route we took started at West Dulwich station, then went in and around Dulwich Park, and headed northwards up Lordship Lane into East Dulwich and Peckham. All the murals are located on the map below:

By Matty Edwards

All photos taken in August 2016

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