Street Art Walk // Brixton

Brixton must be one of the most densely populated areas in London when it comes to street art. This walk takes you on a visual journey around the south London gem, starting from the train station and its bustling arches along the narrow lanes bursting with colour and life.

Despite Brixton’s small size, what is striking is the amount of blank space still remaining for more artists to make their mark, which bodes well for the future of one of London’s most thriving hubs of alternative culture.

Each photo below is numbered in the caption, which corresponds to a point on the map, so you can track down each bit of art, poke your head in every nook and cranny, and leave no stone unturned. Happy urban exploring!

Here is the map that shows all the locations of the art. The number on the map corresponds to the number in the photo caption.

All photos taken by Matty Edwards in August 2016

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