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Bristol Zoo is a fantastic place to spend a day if you’re in Bristol, I mean who doesn’t love Red Pandas, Gorilla babies and Pudus? If you’re looking for something a bit different or affordable then a Zoo and it’ the £17 (£15 concession) ticket price may not be on your list. Luckily for us the guys at Bristol Zoo are super imaginative when it comes to putting on quirky, late night and affordable fundraising events such as after hours Sunset Specials and a 7 day trampoline bounding challenge during Bird Week. This time, they’ve caught on to the Pokemon Go trend by hosting two Pokemon hunting evenings!


The Zoo has 12 Pokestops and 2 gyms making the zoo a popular destination for Pokemon hunters. In fact, on one afternoon when went there to donate blood (they have a function room that the NHS hire out for blood drives) I saw loads of people hanging around outside, catching pokemon and battling in the gyms. As we are both avid Pokemon fans, my good friend Adele and I decided to give it a go on their second evening. The best thing was that tickets were absolutely free! All the zoo asks for is a suggestion donation of £3.

All around the park there were excited people either rushing from one Pokestop to another or standing in groups discussing which Pokemon they had found. Not all of the exhibits were open to visitors, the Gorilla House, Aquarium and the Reptile house were closed for example, so you weren’t going to get the full zoo experience. However, there was still so many things to see, our favourites being the Red Pandas, the Pudus and Lemurs! The air of excitement was really something else too, not to mention how lovely it was seeing a wide variety of people engaging with the game. It seemed to me that Pokemon Go can appeal to all, the most obvious sign being that so many different ages were represented.



Adele on the Hunt

Despite the intermittent rain, we had a lovely evening. When we weren’t catching Magikarp, Clefairies and Psyducks, we were enjoying wandering around the gardens and looking at the exhibits. There was even a brand new Wallaby enclosure! One of the things that I love so much about this app is that it encourages me to get out of the house and actually walk places. Sometimes I’m really good at convincing myself that I don’t need to go outside so having to walk 10km to hatch an egg or venture into different parts of Bristol to get new Pokemon (apparently Castle Park is a Pikachu hot spot) is such a great incentive for me!

Follow Bristol Zoo on facebook and twitter to hear about their upcoming events, I certainly hope that they run another Pokemon evening! Some of the visitor’s outfits were just adorable…



Up 2 levels, and over 10 Pokemon caught. Successful hunt all around!

Bristol Zoo Gardens, Bristol Zoo Gardens, Clifton, Bristol BS8 3HA
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9:00am – 5:30pm
Admission £17
Concession £15

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